The Kilpi RACER-U sports socks made from a lightweight, breathable merino wool/synthetic blend knit are suitable for high-intensity sports such as skiing, ski-alping or cross-country skiing. The various types of knits are arranged according to functional zones to achieve maximum comfort. Some natural properties of merino wool is its ability to neutralise sweat, eliminate unpleasant odours and naturally repel dirt. Polyamide fibres increase the sock's tensile strength and abrasion resistance. Elastane, as it is known, improves elasticity. The reinforced shin zone helps combat blisters from ski boots. The plush heel and toe area is abrasion resistant. A structured breathable zone around the instep helps wick away moisture. The upper hem of the sock is sufficiently flexible, wide and does not compress. The Kilpi RACER-U socks are available in two colours.

The collection:
Alpine Big mountain Winter Accessories

Type of product:

Dedicated: For men For women

Used material: 59% WOOL, 38% POLYAMID, 3% ELASTANE

Applied technology: MERINO WOOL

Size: UNI - UNI

Note: SU0801KI