The women's Kilpi MAVORA TOP-W long sleeve thermal underwear is made from 100% merino wool knit and is the ideal base layer for all outdoor activities, skiing or running when you need to stay dry, warm and comfortable. The merino wool absorbs moisture well, wicking sweat to the surface to help keep you maintain comfort. A natural property of wool is that it can neutralise sweat, eliminating unpleasant odours and naturally repels dirt. The shirt has a round collar and is sewn with flat seams that do not irritate the skin. There are two popular colours to choose from. For maximum functionality, we also recommend the Kilpi MAVORA BOTTOM-W thermal underwear.

The collection:
HIKE AND TRAVEL RUNNING Alpine Big mountain Cross country

Type of product: Winter Sweatshirts, T-shirts and sweaters

Dedicated: For women

Used material: 100% MERINO

Applied technology: MERINO WOOL

Size: 34 - 46

Note: SL0505KI