The Kilpi FYN-J practical children's backpack that children will fall in love with, as they can take all the necessary toys, food, and drink with them on a trip, to the park or to the kindergarten. There is also a padded pocket for tablets or notebooks inside the main compartment. The lumbar and chest strap ensures that the backpack will not slip off small children's hangers. There are two mesh pockets on the sides for a half-liter bottle and one zip pocket in the upper lid. The backpack is made of a resistant material and the lower part is reinforced with a rubberized material against dirt. There are reflective elements, a name tag, and a cute reindeer keychain. Choose from two color combinations.

The collection:

Type of product: Backpacks

Dedicated: For men For women

Used material: 100% POLYESTER

Size: UNI - UNI